Coconut Dehusking Machine

The Coconut De-husking Machine - A Hi-tech machine is the perfect solution to the increasing coconut de-husking costs and labour unavailability. With its ability to de-husk 500 nuts per hour, this product is a coconut grower’s and coconut merchants delight. Designed with unique operational features and components, this machine can de-husk coconuts of sizes ranging from 4 inches to 14 inches diameter. Safety features for user protection, wheels for movement between locations, storage space for essential tools etc., are only some of the unique features of the CDM 500M.

Salient Features

  • Convenient loading arrangement for easy feeding of coconuts

  • Automatic pressure setting for different sizes of coconuts

  • CDM 500 M can be moved from place to place in the farm. Wheels and Handle with turntable is provided. This can be attached instead of a trailer to a tractor.

  • Husk is separated and taken out automatically.

  • Safety guards have been provided for operational safety.

  • Superior grade heat treated materials have been used for durability and long life.

  • Reliable after sales service and support will be provided.

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